The 5 Easiest Ways to Train Your Brain as an Athlete.

The 5 Easiest Ways to Train Your Brain as an Athlete.

Over the last 40 or 50 years there have been a number of circumstances that have shaped western cultures beliefs and understandings of meditation. It’s generally well accepted that meditation can have enormous physical and mental benefits. (When practiced regularly) While meditation as a broader concept deals with facets of the human mind and human experience that are well beyond the scope of this article; it’s nevertheless important to have an understanding of the infinite amount of different journeys one can take while meditating. So I implore you to explore…if it intrigues you of course. Start here: (

Now, If you are only interested in improving your concentration and focus to help you on the field or wherever you need to concentrate then read on.

  1. Brain Training Apps and Games.

I’ve tried a number of these and they are all fairly fun for the most part. For those of you that enjoy technology and are constantly on your phone or computer; these are great tools to keep you away from getting caught up in the mindless nonsense that we’re constantly bombarded with online. Most of the games are backed by scientific studies and scores of neuroscientists and doctors. But be careful there are some games that claim to be brain trainers and are no more than your average time waster. Stick to Lumosity and you’ll be in good hands. (

  1. Breath Concentration

Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Sit down on a chair or couch, (anywhere you won’t fall asleep) and relax your body.

Count your breath. On the Inhalation count “one” (in your mind) and on the exhale continue with the thought of “one” in your mind. On the next inhalation count 2…and so on. Count up to ten and start at one again.

It sounds easy until you realize the point of the exercise is to never lose focus of your breath. The second your mind begins to wander you must bring it right back to your breath. When you can get to 10 without faltering increase the time. Eventually the goal will be to stop counting all together and just follow the breath.

  1. Flame Concentration

In a dimly lit room light a candle and set a timer for 7 minutes.

Sit comfortably a few feet away from the candle.

Gaze at the candlelight. Don’t just stare but try and see the whole flame as it flickers. When your mind wanders bring it back to the flame.

When the timer goes off. Close your eyes and hold the afterimage of the flame for as long as you can. As it begins to fade focus more intently on it.

You will notice after a few days that your ability to keep the afterimage in your mind will get better.

  1. The Pushup vs The Coin

Set the timer for 2-3 minutes

In a pushup or plank position pick an object a few feet away or place a coin on the ground directly beneath your eye gaze.

As you hold this position look at your object and continue to hold until you feel your body wavering. As you feel this DO NOT give into the sensations. Acknowledge the tiredness, the soreness, the burn and return your entire concentration solely on your object.

Obviously, for some, 3 minutes may be too much or even too little. Adjust accordingly. Eventually work to doing a very very slow pushup or look to vary the plank in ways that will cause a greater level of difficulty.

  1. Sensation Meditation

This one should seem a little strange… but that’s only because it is. Just try it and see what happens.

Any body part can be used of course but lets start with our toes. Wiggle them a little bit and pay particular attention to how that feels.

Now leave them alone and sit perfectly still. Don’t move an inch. Now, focus all of your attention on “feeling” your toes. Go through them individually and feel for them. Like you were rubbing a brush across or up and down them. It’s perfectly fine if you cant feel every one of them and if you feel nothing at all try to feel the sensation of your foot as a whole.

This can be changed of course to feeling your hands, fingers and even your heartbeat. The point is that you are stretching your normal ability to concentrate where your mind focuses.

If you’re new to this expect it to be a bit of a struggle at first.

If you stick with these exercises you will undoubtedly notice a change in your ability to focus and concentrate. If you do them sporadically and expect to reap the benefits than you’re fooling yourself.

When was the last time you skipped 2 weeks at the gym and just walked right in and threw up 500lbs? On another note how well do you speak that foreign language you keep starting and stopping? You get the point. You want the benefits? Do the work. It’s well worth it.

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